NSW Defence and Industry Strategy

Strong, smart and connected

NSW: Strong, smart and connected sets out a roadmap for NSW to capitalise on its existing strengths and to make it the lead state for defence investment. The strategy prioritises the defence industry as a key driver of growth and innovation across the state, especially in regional NSW.NSW: Strong, Smart and Connected

The strategy will help NSW:

  • sustain and enhance existing defence industry investment
  • seek new investment to better position NSW’s defence industries
  • engage the state’s substantial research and development (R&D) capacity, focusing it on emerging areas crucial to Australia’s Defence needs

Defence NSW, an organisation within NSW Department of Industry, is responsible for coordinating all defence and defence industry-related activities for the NSW Government. This approach will support the state’s defence industry and provide whole-of-government leadership, advocacy and engagement with the sector.

Download the NSW Defence and Industry Strategy NSW: Strong, smart and connected PDF, 6328.69 KB

The NSW Defence Industry Suppliers Directory provides details of many of the defence-related companies operating in NSW.