I Want In - Supporting Creative Careers

The future of NSW will depend on its capacity to exploit its creative intelligence and be recognised as a creative powerhouse.

With the largest concentration of Australia's creative industries workforce, NSW has a natural competitive advantage in creative industries. To develop and maintain this advantage, the NSW Government is working with industry leaders and educators to develop the next generation of creative talent.  Young people need to see viable career paths and make confident and informed career decisions.

The "I Want In" video content has been developed in partnership between the NSW Government, I-Manifest and NSW creative industries leaders. It showcases a range of occupations and opportunities available to young people interested in pursuing a creative career.

The lead video, Choose your Own Creative Career, is centred around a music video production that features What So Not (a collaboration involving Flume), MTV's Kate Peck, 2DayFM's Maz Compton, General Pants Co's Pip Edwards and Pedestrian.TV's Rachel Tinney. It gives young people the chance to interact  in an innovative and engaging way with nine creative career opportunities.

View the "Choose Your Own Creative Career" video.

An additional eight videos have been produced to showcase the careers of young NSW design innovators currently making their way towards success.  The content is designed to give young people the confidence to explore and better understand the opportunities and challenges of a creative career.

This information series, showcasing 17 creative occupations in total, is also on the Australia-wide Government careers website – My Future. See all the videos on the My Future website.