Agribusiness and food

Butcher cutting meat

Huge demand for NSW's agriculture and food products

Australia offers investors and exporters a strong comparative advantage in the production of agricultural products, as a result of its size, geography, technology and skilled workforce.

Leading agriculture and food companies choose NSW because it offers favourable growing conditions, a well-regulated production environment, and easy access to Australia's eastern seaboard and attractive export markets.

There is huge domestic and international demand for NSW's agriculture and food products. Locally, food retailing is the biggest driver of growth in NSW's retail industry. In 2015-16, annual food retail turnover (including supermarkets, grocery stores, liquor stores, cafes, restaurants, and takeaway food services) was valued at more than $51 billion.

Investors choose NSW to position for growth

Smart investors are investing in NSW's agriculture and food industry – positioning themselves to take advantage of increasing demand in emerging markets, particularly in Asia.

The numbers speak for themselves – at the national level, the sector directly contributed about A$53.2 billion in industry value added in 2014-15:

  • A$25.4 billion from agricultural production,
  • A$1.5 billion from fishing and aquaculture,
  • A$26.3 billion from food, beverage and tobacco product processing, and indirectly contributing,
  • A$2.3 billion in agriculture and fishing support services,
  • A$8.2 billion in grocery, liquor and tobacco product wholesaling,
  • A$22.5 billion from food retailing, and
  • A$29.8 billion in food and beverage services.