Excellent lifestyle

A world-class lifestyle

Tall ship on Sydney Harbour

New South Wales's business environment is matched by its exceptional quality of life.

Businesses and individuals interested in relocating to the state can take advantage of a combination of physical and urban assets which have made the state Australia's number one tourist destination for international visitors.

Sydney - a leading city in Worldwide Quality of Living Index

A street scene in Sydney

The state's capital city, Sydney, is consistently ranked among leading international destinations by travel publications.

The city is renowned for its world-famous beaches and harbour and regional attractions including the Blue Mountains and surrounding national parks.

Sydney has a global reputation as a centre for the arts including opera, theatre, live entertainment, music festivals and sport.

Regional NSW - a different way of life

A town in Regional NSW

Away from the pace of Sydney, regional NSW offers a more relaxed lifestyle in coastal and inland cities and towns connected by world-class transport infrastructure in the form of rail links and highways.

Major regional towns are serviced by regular flights, making them easily accessible to locals and international visitors.

NSW benefits from high levels of safety, government-assisted healthcare and internationally recognised universities and schools which attract over 242,000 international students annually to the state.