Top 500 companies in NSW

Forty-one per cent of Australia's top 500 companies have their head office in New South Wales. This includes many foreign-owned companies that use the state as a base for their Asia-Pacific operations.

Multinational corporations that have chosen NSW for their Australian headquarters include ALDI, Allianz, Apple, Caltex, Coca-Cola Amatil, Google, IBM, ING, Nestlé, Nokia, Pfizer, SAP, Sony, Thales, Vodafone and Xstrata.

NSW: a regional corporate hub

NSW is home to the headquarters of 62 per cent of the financial services companies, 56 per cent of the professional, scientific and technical services companies, and 73 per cent of the media and telecommunication businesses listed in Australia's top 500.

It's not just services companies that call NSW home. Seventy per cent of the Australia's largest machinery and equipment manufacturers have their head office in the state, as do 61 per cent of the country's biggest food product manufacturers.

More than 90 per cent of international banks have their regional headquarters in Sydney, while over 60 per cent of Australia's regional ICT headquarters and operations centres are also located in the city.

Location of top 500 companies in Australia by revenue, 2014

This table lists the location of Top 500 companies in Australia.
State/Territory Top 500 companies (number) Share of top 500 (%) Total revenue ($ billion)2 Share of revenue (%)
New South Wales 206 41.2 744.8 41.9
Victoria 139 27.8 631.4 35.5
Queensland 61 12.2 155.2 8.7
Western Australia 54 10.8 177.2 10.0
South Australia 26 5.2 42.1 2.4
Australian Capital Territory 9 1.8 20.7 1.2
Tasmania 3 0.6 4.3 0.2
Northern Territory 2 0.4 2.4 0.1
Total 500 100.0 1778.1 100.0

Source: IBISWorld, March 2013