Electricity supply

The New South Wales (NSW) electricity market provides reliable and competitively priced electricity supplies to business customers. The business tariff for small to medium users started at 21 cents per kilowatt hour in 2010.

Reliable, world class electricity networks

NSW boasts reliable, world class electricity networks that include generation, transmission and distribution to industrial and commercial customers. 

In 2008-09, NSW had the lowest electricity outage frequency and duration of the major Australian States.

New generation investment

NSW accounted for over a quarter of major new generation investment that came on-line in 2009-10, and it is estimated that new generation investment, beyond that already committed, will not be required until 2016-17; other major states will need further investment over and above that already committed by earlier dates.

Efficiency via smart grid

In June 2010, with assistance from the New South Wales Government, Newcastle, the State's second largest city, was selected to trial Australia's first commercial scale smart grid under the Australian Government's $100 million Smart Grid, Smart City initiative. 

Smart grids use advanced communication and metering technologies to deliver a more efficient and robust electricity network. 

The project also covers parts of Sydney and will include the roll out of smart sensors across the electricity network allowing:

  • earlier fault detection, repair and even self-repair in some instances
  • a trial fleet of electric vehicles and public charging stations, and 
  • renewable energy and battery storage trials to generate power locally to the Sydney CBD. 

The project positions NSW at the forefront of global efforts to use energy more efficiently and manage carbon emissions.

Electricity Supply Reliability and Average Prices1
State/Territory Electricity - business users2
Average customer outage frequency3
Average customer outage duration3
Victoria 18.4 2.5 255
New South Wales 21.0 1.8 211
Tasmania 21.1 1.9 252
Western Australia4 22.6 3.3 317
Queensland 24.0 2.9 365
South Australia 25.0 1.5 161
NEM5 weighted average n.a. 2.2 254


  1. Prices data are for 2010, outage frequency and duration data are for 2008-09.
  2. Minimum of price ranges for business tariff customers using 150MWh annually.
  3. The data reflect total outages experienced by distribution customers. In some instances, the data may include outages resulting from issues in the generation and transmission sectors. In general, the data have not been normalised to exclude distribution network issues beyond the reasonable control of the network operator. Victorian data are for the calendar year ending in that period.
  4. Outage data are for 2007-08.
  5. The National Electricity Market (NEM) is a wholesale market for electricity supply and includes all states except Western Australia. The NEM averages are weighted by customer numbers.

Sources: State of the Energy Market 2010, Australian Energy Regulator; Comparison of 2010 Australian Standard Offer Energy Prices, Office of the Tasmanian Energy Regulator (Fact Sheet 9 September 2010).