Gross domestic product per capita

Top 10 global GDP per capita

On a purchasing power parity basis, Australia's per capita GDP ranks 10th in the world, above that of Japan and major European nations including Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

Among countries with populations greater than 20 million, only the United States has higher per capita GDP than Australia.

Wide-ranging reforms, particularly to promote competition, were instrumental in Australia's robust productivity growth over the 1990s, leading to significant improvements in per capita income and living standards. 

These impressive results were accompanied by sustained falls in unemployment and inflation. More recently, the mining boom, and its impact on labour utilisation and business investment, has given further impetus to Australia's GDP per capita performance.

Gross Domestic Product per Capita (PPP)1, current international dollars, 2012
Country GDP per capita
Singapore 60,799
United States 51,704
Hong Kong SAR 50,936
Australia 41,954
Germany 38,666
Taiwan 38,357
United Kingdom2 36,569
Japan 35,855
France 35,295
Korea2 31,950
New Zealand 29,481
Malaysia 16,794
Thailand 9,503
China 9,055
Indonesia2 4,923
Philippines2 4,380
India 3,843


  1. Purchasing power parity
  2. Estimates for 2012

Source: World Economic Outlook, October 2013, International Monetary Fund.