Support for ICT companies in NSW

How the NSW Government fosters business opportunity

The NSW Government supports the expansion of the state’s ICT sector by:

  • fostering business, industry and research organisation collaboration through Knowledge Hubs. The fintech hub Stone & Chalk, established as a Financial Services Knowledge Hub project, has supported the development of more than 80 startups and attracted more than $101 million in investment since its launch in 2015
  • funding ground-breaking technology through the Breakthrough Research Fund, starting with a $26 million investment in a quantum computing technology initiative being led by the University of NSW
  • establishing the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, which will teach practical entrepreneurial skills to top students as part of their degree or TAFE NSW program
  • helping foreign investors develop partnerships in NSW
  • promoting innovation by bringing the business, research and higher education sectors together through the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer
  • providing businesses with information on NSW and Australia’s ICT markets, site selection and government incentives
  • funding joint projects between small to medium-sized enterprises, research organisations and business communities through the Boosting Business Innovation and TechVouchers programs
  • investing $25 million in 25,000 Jobs for Tomorrow scholarships in eligible science, technology, engineering and maths-related qualifications from 2016 to 2019
  • investing $20 million in upgrading 50 science labs in NSW public schools
  • retraining up to 320 public school teachers as specialists in maths and science
  • backing initiatives that help entrepreneurs and businesses start, grow and innovate, such as Jobs for NSW.

Read on to learn more about the programs and support available.

Programs and support

Jobs for NSW

Jobs for NSW is a private sector-led, NSW Government-backed agency providing financial support to startups, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), incubators, accelerators and regional businesses to build momentum and grow jobs in NSW.

Jobs for NSW offers a suite of financial products including grants, loans and loan guarantees to support industries and entrepreneurial businesses that generate sustainable jobs across the state.

With Jobs for NSW’s support, NSW will capture more of the lucrative export market, transform regional communities and make our metropolitan cities world leaders in entrepreneurial activity — the growth engine of new jobs.

Knowledge Hubs

Knowledge Hubs are industry led collaborative partnerships centred on NSW industry sectors.

They bring together businesses, research organisations and industry associations, covering areas of energy innovation, financial services, digital creative, medical technology and transport and logistics.

Approximately $1.7 million in government funding will support the projects of industry led hubs such as fintech hub Stone & Chalk.


Showcasing ICT to the world through events such as CeBIT, Australia’s premier event for the ICT and business technology industries, held annually in Sydney. As the official partner of CeBIT Australia the NSW Government provides an opportunity for established and startup ICT companies to display their wares to potential investors and collaborators.

International business and talent

Attracting new ICT businesses to the state including through a network of international offices and investment specialists to help foreign investors identify business opportunities and develop strategic partnerships in NSW.

Harnessing the potential of business and skilled migration to grow the economy, including the ICT sector


Fostering and encouraging a lively state innovation system particularly by promoting productive links between business, the professions, universities and government through the Office of Chief Scientist & Engineer


Offering scholarships of $1,000 to people interested in training in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM).

With demand increasing for people with STEM skills, 25,000 Jobs of Tomorrow scholarships are being made available over four years for students commencing selected qualifications.

NSW ICT Strategy

The NSW ICT Strategy outlines the NSW Government’s major initiatives to drive better service delivery, greater transparency and better value from investment to meet the needs of the people of NSW.