Research, technology and innovation

Strong government support for research and innovation

In an increasingly competitive world market, the NSW agriculture and food sector has been quick to recognise that investing in research, technology and innovation is the way to get ahead in the marketplace.

NSW's agriculture and food businesses are among the most innovative in the country. In 2013-14, NSW agriculture businesses spent more than A$32 million on research and development (R&D), which represented 22% of national R&D spending by businesses in the sector, while food product manufacturers spent A$215 million, or 36% of the national total.

The NSW Government also invests in a range of programs for the sector. In 2013-14, the Government allocated more than A$1.1 billion to the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to secure world-class R&D and important services for regional communities. The Government is directing strategic investment towards 'frontier' technologies, particularly in the agriculture, biotechnology, fisheries, functional foods and genomics sectors.

NSW DPI is one of Australia's largest primary industry research providers, spending more than A$100 million on R&D each year and managing more than 900 active research projects. More than 600 research staff, many of whom are world leaders in their field, work with DPI and play an essential role in driving industry innovation. These staff are focused on finding practical solutions to productivity and sustainability challenges to benefit the state's primary industries.