Expanding into new markets

Market research

Expanding into new markets involves extensive market research, including finding out about things you need to know, such as:

  • import duties
  • regulations
  • distribution channels
  • market size and growth
  • competition
  • demographics
  • local production

Connect with your peers

One of the best ways to expand to new markets is to learn from other companies that fit your profile. You can do this through your industry trade association or your supplier network or by participating in networking events.

Your freight forwarders are also good resources for discussing export expansion.

Contact your local export adviser

No matter where you are in New South Wales, you can access the services of an export adviser who can assist in finding new markets. Our export adviser will work with you to explore:

  • your product's market potential
  • distribution channels
  • regulatory requirements in potential markets
  • assistance finding business partners
  • other areas to successfully develop your export sales into new markets.

Other useful websites for market research