Thinking of exporting

Are you thinking of exporting? If your company has a product or service that's competitive in Australia and has the capacity to meet the demands of an export market, it's possible that your business is export-ready and exporting is the next step to grow your business.

The NSW Government provides information, advice and support to businesses thinking about exporting. 

If you think your business has export potential, use the following export readiness checklist to determine if your business is export ready, then visit our Tips for first time exporters page.

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Export readiness checklist

  1. Have you identified potential overseas markets for your product or service?
  2. Have you estimated the market size? Strength of competitors in your export
    markets? Will your pricing fit the market?
  3. Do you have a product or service that is successful in the Australian market?
  4. Will you need to modify your product or service to meet the needs of overseas customers (Considering the overseas economy, buyer needs, cultural and religious preferences, climate, seasonality, government regulations)
  5. Do you have the capacity to support new markets (people, production capacity, time?
  6. Is your management team committed to exporting?
  7. Do you have the financial resources to support the marketing, distribution
    and servicing of overseas markets? Is your bank prepared to back you?
  8. Do you and your team know about export payment mechanisms, such as letters of credit?
  9. Are you, your investors, your employees and your family prepared to make a long-term commitment to exporting?
  10. Do you have an export plan with defined goals and strategies?