Building international relationships

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Building on strong foundations

New South Wales will build strong international relationships that are critical to trade and export outcomes. 

  • People to people links are the foundation for economic activity, particularly in Asian countries. 
  • Successful businesses report an upfront investment in relationships for years prior to realising economic benefits. 
  • Relationships between decision makers are vital and are built through political, cultural and business engagement. 

Finding and sharing common ground is fundamental and connecting culturally can provide the basis for increased understanding between nations.

Multicultural Business Advisory Panel

NSW has a Multicultural Business Advisory Panel that provides high level strategic and expert advice to the Deputy Premier and Minister for Trade and Investment and Minister for Citizenship and Communities on measures to strengthen trade and investment between NSW and priority markets.

Increasing international government bonds

Sister State relationships

NSW pursues bilateral business development programs through its network of international Sister State relationships (SSRs) and memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with foreign governments or agencies.

NSW currently has the following SSRs:

  • California, USA since 1997 
  • Jakarta, Indonesia since 1994
  • Seoul Metropolis, republic of Korea since 1991
  • NRW, Germany since 1989
  • Tokyo Metropolis, Japan since 1984
  • Guangdong Province, China since 1979

Sister City and Friendship City relationships

City councils across the state independently enter and manage a range of agreements and relationships with international cities, provinces and organisations. 

For example, the City of Sydney manages its own program of Sister City and Friendship City Relationships as follows:

  • San Francisco, USA since 1968
  • Nagoya, Japan since 1980
  • Wellington, New Zealand since 1982
  • Portsmouth, England since 1984
  • Guangzhou, China since 1985
  • Florence, Italy since 1986