Sydney RobotEye technology eyeing global markets

26 April 2012

Hurstville technology company Ocular Robotics has its sights on lucrative international markets in defence, technology, mining, robotics, security and sports broadcasting thanks to its breakthrough camera technology.

The company’s RobotEye technology can provide a stable picture from land vehicles, ships or aircraft so accurate it can closely track fast moving objects from ballistics to tennis and cricket balls.

NSW Trade & Investment has helped Ocular Robotics target international business in the United States, Europe and through the Pacific 2012 expo, and inducted the company into the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) program.

Ocular Robotics participates in the international market for devices and software that allow the intelligent control and positioning of sensors, including video and other cameras, thermal imagers, and laser range finders.

Traditionally the view of a mounted sensor like a camera is adjusted by physically moving the device to point in a required direction. But Ocular Robotics says its RobotEye can deliver performance improvements up to 30 times better.

The lightweight and robust RobotEye device scans its field of view rapidly while holding a powerful optical sensor stationary in its head. This allows the sensor’s field of view to be moved quickly and accurately checking up to 10 locations every second.

Ocular Robotics is targeting its technology to systems integrators and technology partners in a range of areas including defence, mining, robotics, security, and industrial automation, and also sees great potential to enhance sports broadcasting.

The RobotEye technology, developed from research at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney, has United  States and Australian patents with patent applications pending in the European Union, China and Japan.

Ocular Robotics employs four people at its Hurstville headquarters but hopes to grow its team to about eight this year as it gains further international traction.

Some recent business successes of Ocular Robotics include:

  • Chosen to participate by Thales Australia’s Industry Engagement Unit in an international Thales Supplier Conference in Europe between 30 April and 4 May 2012 following a referral by NSW Trade & Investment;
  • Secured a significant contract in November with a major military technology supplier based in Singapore, Miltrade Technologies, for the supply of RobotEye units for thermal imaging systems for defence and homeland security customers in South-East Asia;
  • Involved in a custom development project for Rio Tinto, a system for Toyota’s research labs in Detroit, and a system in an Australian Defence Force Capability Technology Demonstrator project;
  • Inducted into the NSW Government's Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) program which promotes outstanding technologies to international markets;
  • Supported by NSW Trade & Investment to develop international business links, including through a market visit to the 2010 Conference of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), coaching on high growth business strategies, and promotion at the Pacific 2012 defence and maritime expo.
  • Selected for the Advance network's "50 for the Future" Innovation Program from May 2012 which provides Australian start-ups with a 12 week program of workshops, mentoring and attendance at a three day summit in Silicon Valley.