Superheroes of Export

21 May 2013

Four NSW companies have been named in the Export Council of Australia's annual review as superheroes of export.

The companies have been praised for their determination to challenge for an increasing share of the international market despite pressures from the Global Financial Crisis and the strong Australian dollar.

They also had to contend with the increasingly higher cost of doing business in Australia.

"These  export heroes have contributed to Australia's image as a progressive member of the international business community and are role models for future generations of Australian exporters,'' said Ian Murray, executive director of the Export Council of Australia.

"People who receive an export hero award have fought and won on the international stage. Technically smart, creative and hard-working, they are able to show the world that Australians can not only do anything - but they can do it as well, and often better, than anyone else.

Starena Group managing director Noel Carty started by servicing the stadium, event and indoor arena industry in Australia and New Zealand with retractable seating. He capitalised on the experience of completing major projects at the 2000 Sydney Olympics by successfully pursing major projects overseas. The company now has more than 30 distributors world wide and offices in Cairo, Athens, and London, which report to head office in Gosford, NSW.

Michael Crouch took control of a small Sydney-based manufacturer of domestic water heaters in 1962. Half a century later Zip Industries is a world leader in a highly innovative and rapidly advancing product category - instant boiling water. Its products are used in 65 countries and Michael has won numerous awards and been acclaimed as visionary, entrepreneurial and innovative.

Auto-Bake was founded in 1960 in Sydney's Hornsby by Kevin and Evelyne Hicks. Under their initial direction and subsequent hard work and leadership from their daughter Amanda, Auto-Bake has evolved from a small manufacturer in the retail food industry to an international maker and distributor of industrial ovens and baking equipment, exporting to 25 countries.

Souhel Khanania left high school in Year 10 to begin an apprenticeship with Smith's Crisps which led to his intelligence, drive and determination creating his award-winning international business, Industrial Engineering Technology. Souhel is a major figure in exporting his industrial burners and ovens to the snack food industry in Asia and North America. His products are renowned for reliability, high quality and efficiency.