From Sydney to Silicon Valley - NSW Startups target growth through collaboration

5 April 2012

NSW Trade & Investment has announced the first four NSW early-stage technology companies to access international business development opportunities at a new startup incubator set up by Australian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

The department's Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) program is helping 12 entrepreneurs to get a foothold in Silicon Valley by subsidising their access to the co-working space and accommodation at the new StartupHouse incubator in San Francisco.

The first four companies being assisted are:

  • RecruitLoop - gives employers a smarter way to recruit online, with a marketplace of experienced recruiters charging an hourly rate and recorded video interview platform, saving employers 80 per cent cost and hours of time.
  • ScriptRock – offers simple, online storage of IT system configuration information which can be stored, downloaded and executed as a test to improve system quality, reduce downtime and save money.
  • ZeroMail – a simple email client with an integrated virtual assistant that builds personalised filters to sort priority emails and separate views for notifications, newsletters, mailing lists, and social media.
  • Brainworth – this company presents a personalised curriculum in a compelling and beautiful game environment.

The announcement coincides with the first anniversary of the Ultimo–based startup incubator Fishburners this week.

Fishburners, named after the First Fleet supply ship Fishburn, is a not–for–profit collaborative environment of ideas, skills, support and cooperation for startups, which have included RecruitLoop and ZeroMail among many others.

Within its first 12 months Fishburners has undergone three expansions, with two new levels in their existing building at Ultimo and a new creative space in Darlinghurst helped along by a range of dedicated volunteers and supporting organisations.

Many of the tenants at Fishburners are already demonstrating significant employment and sales growth.

NSW Trade & Investment assist with Big Air to install a microwave connection on Fishburners' Ultimo roof to enable high speed broadband to support video calls and cloud-based services for startups.