Conference attracts Asia-Pacific leaders

1 July 2015

Boao fans

Some of the Asia-Pacific's most senior and influential government and industry leaders have been confirmed as speakers at a prestigious international conference to promote Asian economic integration and cooperation.

The Boao Forum for Asia Conference (BFA), to be held in Sydney on 30-31 July, will include Australian and international leaders to speak at the event headed by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, NSW Premier Mike Baird and BFA Chairman, former Prime Minister of Japan Yasuo Fukuda.

Economic Cooperation

The conference will focus on economic cooperation, promoting and deepening the economic integration, coordination and cooperation within Asia and between Asia and other parts of the world.

Key topics to be discussed include infrastructure financing, feeding a growing global population and managing the benefits and risks of rapid technology changes, particularly for the finance industry.

One in five Australian jobs linked to international trade and investment, the conference will focus Asia-Pacific attention on the NSW economy, leading to greater investment and the creation of further jobs.

Sydney follows the path of other world cities such as Dubai, Seattle and Kuala Lumpur in hosting a BFA regional conference.

BFA Secretary General Zhou Wenzhong said remarkable progress has been made towards Asian economic integration since the BFA was formally inaugurated in 2001.

"Australia was one of the initial countries to take part in the BFA. Over the years, this co-operation between the BFA and Australia has enjoyed a greater width and depth and has stepped to a much higher level," Mr Zhou said.

For more information visit the Sydney Boao Forum website