Export Capability Building Program

Trade exhibition

The NSW Government has launched the Export Capability Building Program to provide assistance to exporters across New South Wales.

It is aimed at businesses seeking to initiate export activities or export-ready businesses looking to consolidate their knowledge and maximise long-term export gains.

The core of the program is a series Introduction to exporting workshops aimed to increase your business' export-readiness, export labs where in depth discussions are held on a key trade issue and country briefings which examine a significant overseas market.

The program will also include a number of informative webinars on topical issue for exporters, such as the recent Japanese and Korean free trade agreements.

Export labs

Export labs are an in depth discussion of a key trade issue.

A panel of experts will discuss and analyse a particular issue they have personally experienced with a group of participants facing the same reality.

The sessions allow participants to get to the core of an issue, such as international intellectual property law or acquiring trade finance.

Country briefs

Country briefs detail how to do business in one of our priority markets, such as China, India or the United Arab Emirates, and are delivered by a country specialist.

These seminars can be used to develop your thinking on:

  • a new market
  • acquiring new knowledge and networks for a current market
  • deepening your understanding of a long-serviced market.


These online seminars, delivered by topic specialists, will include international presenters and are an excellent tool to stay up to date with relevant export issues in an efficient manner as they can be accessed from your desk no matter where your business is located.

Introduction to exporting workshops

These workshops will deliver the tools your business needs to shift from thinking about exporting to becoming export-ready.

Participants will take away a strong understanding of what is required for:

  • successful export activity
  • an assessment of their export-readiness
  • advice on export marketing
  • practical tips on trade
  • an achievable personalised export market plan.