Untapping a ready market in Goulburn

Alex Ridley

"We were more than happy to move away from Canberra, if that meant we got to live our dream now – not ten years from now," explains performance management coach Alex Ridley, who relocated her family to Goulburn in 2014.

Alex's friends were initially shocked to see her leave Canberra, the city she and her husband grew up in and loved, but a year on, Alex and her family know they've hit the jackpot with their move to Goulburn.

"We found what we wanted here in Goulburn. We live only an hour away from our family and friends in Canberra and we're even closer to friends in Sydney now," Alex added.

The ability to re-establish her business in Goulburn was a deciding factor for Alex.

"I did a lot of research, in terms of what economic development was happening in the region, how my business would fare here and whether there was demand for what I could offer, in terms of helping businesses improve their performance."

"There is definitely a market here, as local businesses don't want to keep going to bigger cities for quality training and support," Alex said.

One of Alex's concerns was how their children, who were quite young at the time of the move, would handle the transition.

"With them being quite young, we weren't so sure how they would go – but they just absolutely love it." Alex said. "We found a wonderful daycare that has supported not only our children, but also us through the transition."

Alex and her family have also been able to move into their dream home.

"We were struggling to find the perfect home in Canberra, and were almost ready to settle for something which didn't tick all of the boxes. When we realised we could get exactly what we wanted in Goulburn, we just went for it.

"We now have five bedrooms, separate spaces for myself and my husband to work, as well as the space to entertain," continued Alex.

The biggest lifestyle benefit Alex and her family now enjoy has been an improvement in the quality of their relationships with family and friends.

"We've noticed that when you live really close to people in the city, you say, "We'll catch up one day", but you never do.

"Coming here, we're seeing friends and family more because visits are far more intentional."People will come and spend a day or two here, we-re able to have a BBQ and get the tennis racquets out," said Alex.

Above all, what Alex and her family value most is time together. "Making the switch to Goulburn has given us even more quality time together, as a family. It's the whole reason I began my business. Now we have the home and lifestyle to support it," Alex explained.