Pursuing passions and profits in Avoca Beach

Susan Sohn

When relocated with her husband Philip and three children to Avoca Beach in 2013, she knew they'd found the perfect place to raise their family.

"As a family, we've lived in Sydney, Los Angeles and Calgary, Canada, but being a small town girl it was really important for me to raise my kids in a strong community environment," Susan said. "We're so busy today as a society but here we have the opportunity to spend time with our kids before they  leave home."

Susan was able to bring her business with her to Avoca Beach, settling in an environment which has given her more time to focus on its growth.

Susan Stohn video

"GetRealLive is an online organisation with multiple social platforms. I host an online radio show and manage a number of social media accounts to help clients truly engage with their customers, clients or fan base. The nature of my business means I can work from anywhere, so why wouldn't I choose to  work in a beautiful place like Avoca Beach?

"Since moving, I've been able to find the time to write my first book on the challenges faced by 21st century women and started my own local radio show," she added.

Susan and Philip's children have also found there's plenty to do in Avoca Beach.

"The kids haven't lost anything living here. They're able to enjoy all of the activities they participated in when they lived in a big city, at a significantly reduced cost, which is great when you have three children," Susan continued.

There were a number of important factors that the family had to consider before settling in any area.

"We're foodies, so we had to be within a certain radius to great restaurants. it was also important that there was a strong arts and cultural community, and being on the coast we have access to all of that," she said.

Most importantly, Susan and Philip have found a place where their children are able to enjoy the freedom to get out of the house and relax.

"Our digitally connected world puts such huge pressure on kids right now, which makes the freedom they're able to enjoy here incredibly important. My daughter will often head down to the beach to do her homework – she wouldn't be able to do that everywhere.

"It's a big decision whenever you decide to move, but moving to somewhere like Avoca Beach, with this very strong community, has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling," Susan added.

To find out more about Susan's business GetRealLive visit www.getreallive.com