Oran Park hub helps Sandra to start her own business

Sandra Bartlett

The hub has made it possible for Sandra to follow her passion and open her own business.

"The hub allows me to focus. I go in there with a long to-do list and I can get it all done," Sandra says.

"I've tried working from home but there are too many distractions. It's easy to think 'I'll just put the washing on the line, it'll only take a few minutes,' but I end up getting sucked into housework for an hour or more."

Sandra worked in the credit union movement for 24 years, leading a team of 25 people in retail banking. In 2013, she decided to open a business as a life and business coach, and study towards a Master's degree in coaching.

"The hub has doubled my efficiency. I can do an assignment in three and a half hours at the hub that would literally take all day at home."

Driving 15 minutes to the Oran Park Hub also saves up to an hour that she would otherwise have spent travelling between client meetings.

"The hub has meeting rooms that look professional, which would cost me too much to set up and maintain at home," she says. "As a woman I feel safe meeting new clients at the hub, and when you feel comfortable in a space, you project confidence and put clients at ease."

Sandra's business has grown during the 18 months since she started using the hub.

"When I have full-time work to do, I could rent my own office space, but then I'd miss out on everything else the hub has to offer. The open-plan space means you can meet people if you want to, and the contacts I have made here are so valuable," she says.

NAME: Sandra Bartlett
POSITION: Small business owner
USES: Oran Park Smart Work Hub
REGION: Western Sydney
SAVES: About an hour a day in meetings and being distracted by housework while working from home