Mark Group

Sydney is Australia's hub for renewable energy.

Experts in  renewable energy and energy efficiency

Mark Group is a retailer and installer of residential and commercial scale renewable energy and energy efficiency products. The company installs solar power, insulation, ventilation systems, low energy lighting as well as solar hot water. The Australian headquarters was set up in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and the national hub for renewable energy.

Another great investment story

Founded in the UK in 1974, Mark Group is one of the world's most experienced players in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry. Every week it installs more than 6000 projects across Australia, the US, UK and New Zealand.

Mark Group Australia installing solar panels on St Scholastica school in Glebe, Sydney

The company applies the principle of "lose less, use less, generate more" to try to achieve the optimal outcomes for each building owner it works with. The chairman of Mark Group Australia, Robert Grant, said his company is differentiated from most of the industry by offering a complete package that includes both an energy assessment and installation of energy savings measures and renewables.

"If you control the whole process you get a much better outcome," Mr Grant said.

Choosing New South Wales

"The NSW Government is friendlier towards renewables than many other Australian states, and that includes the NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy, who gives the industry a voice at a senior level in government and aids the development of good policy," Mr Grant said.

"The NSW Renewable Energy Advocate is also useful in promoting connections between the industry and government bodies."

The NSW Renewable Energy Advocate works closely with industry to facilitate the development of renewable energy projects, helps remove any barriers, and promotes investment in renewable energy.

NSW is home to 45% of renewable energy businesses in Australia, according to IBISWorld (May 2012).

The NSW Government has developed a Renewable Energy Action Plan to guide the development of renewables in the state, with detailed actions to grow renewable energy in NSW.

The plan positions NSW to increase energy from renewable sources at least-cost to energy consumers and with maximum benefits to the state's economy.

Choosing Sydney

Mark Group Australia opened a national office in Sydney in 2009, followed by offices in the other four mainland Australian states.

It opened a national training academy in the innovation cluster of Macquarie Park in Sydney's northwest. The academy has trained 150 people in renewable energy and energy efficiency systems, from installation skills to product updates and professional development for electrical engineers and electricians.

By July 2014, Mark Group Australia had grown to 250 employees and contractors across the nation

As the capital of the most populous state of NSW, Sydney is Australia's commercial and financial services centre. Sydney is also the preferred headquarters for a hub of energy companies and professional services firms with many years of experience in carbon markets.

Growing demand

Mark Group Australia installed solar panels on Marrickville Aquatic Centre, Sydney

With the falling cost of photovoltaic panels, Mark Group estimates that most systems begin to pay for themselves from the day they are installed.

"The cost of photovoltaics is half of what it was two years ago, so for many customers it may not have added up two or three years ago, but it certainly adds up now," Mr Grant said.

Australia's Renewable Energy Target is a mandatory requirement to increase electricity from renewable sources to 20% by 2020, up from the current level of about 13%. This will help Australia meet its Greenhouse Gas reduction target of 5% to 15% by 2020.

Key reasons to invest in NSW

  • Concentration (45%) of Australia's renewable energy businesses
  • Links to key suppliers in Sydney, the business heart of Australia
  • Support of the Renewable Energy Target in the NSW State Plan NSW 2021
  • Dedicated NSW Renewable Energy Advocate.

Assisted by the NSW Government

The NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan positions NSW to be open for business in renewable energy. NSW has excellent renewable energy resources and the NSW Government will work to attract renewable energy investment and jobs to NSW.

The department assists businesses that are contemplating significant new investment, whether establishing a new operation, relocating a business or expanding an existing business. The NSW Government achieves results by collaborating with and supporting businesses, industries and communities to advance investment, trade, innovation, productivity and regional growth across all sectors.

The NSW Government worked with the Australian Government's trade and investment development agency Austrade to attract Mark Group to Australia.

The department assisted Mark Group Australia with advice and market information as well as introductions to key contacts, government departments and the NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy.

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Publication date: September 2014