Kris kills 'dead time' commuting from Gosford

Kris Seeneevassen

The international lawyer uses the Smart Work Hub in Gosford for client meetings and to plough through paperwork.

Some of Kris's clients are overseas-based companies who need legal advice on setting up operations in NSW. Prior to joining the hub at Gosford, he serviced these and other clients from Sydney and Newcastle.

Now Kris only travels to Sydney or Newcastle occasionally, to meet clients or appear in court, which means he doesn't have to spend three hours a day on the train.

"Commuting was dead time. I couldn't read on the train because of legal confidentiality, so it wasn't very productive for me," Kris says.

"I see a lot more of the kids now and I help my wife with the shopping and housework."

Using the hub also allows Kris to swim at one of the many beaches on the Central Coast during the week, instead of just on the weekend.

"It's tragic if you live in this beautiful environment and don't have time to enjoy it," he says.

Kris schedules many of his face-to-face client meetings at the hub and video conferencing is available to confer with his overseas clients.

"It's important that I have meeting rooms that are well-laid out and look professional, which was one of the main reasons I was attracted to the hub,"  he says.

Name: Kris Seeneevassen
Position: International lawyer
Uses: Gosford Smart Work Hub
Region: Central Coast
Saves: Three hours a day