Andrew scores goals with the Penrith Hub

Andrew Bedrossian

It takes Andrew just eight minutes to drive to the hub in Penrith from his home in Glenmore Park. This compares to a 90-minute commute to his office near Central Station in Sydney.

Using the Smart Work Hub allows Andrew more room for the two great passions in his life: family and his football team.

The young engineer is captain of the Nepean District team in the Premier League, the competition one step down from state-level.

"I live and breathe football. It's my stress relief and it keeps me fit and focused at work," Andrew says.

The hub also allows him to spend more time with his brother, sister-in-law and 18-month old niece.

"It's very satisfying, being able to lend a hand and show that I'm always there when they need me."

Each day he uses the hub, Andrew saves 2.75 hours, along with $25 in transport fares.

"When you add up all the time I used to spend commuting, it was like I was working six days a week instead of five," he says

Andrew works at Resources & Energy, a division of NSW Industry, where he researches options for reducing the environmental impact of power stations.

"I feel more productive at the hub than at the Sydney office. There are no distractions so you just get straight into it.

NAME: Andrew Bedrossian
POSITION: Engineer, Resources and Energy Division
USES: iWork@Penrith
REGION: Western Sydney
SAVES: 2 hours 45 minutes a day, seven hours a week