Advancing careers in Broken Hill

Ross Ballard

Relocating to Broken Hill has meant that newlywed and Nursing Unit Manager Peter Ballard has been able to fast track his career and have the ability to spend quality time with his wife Jacqueline.

"Moving to regional NSW has enabled not only me to fast track my career, but also my wife Jacqueline as well.

Opportunities in regional Australia come up a lot more frequently than in the city. People find there are the jobs here to advance themselves," Peter said.

The move has also enabled Peter and Jacqueline to get ahead financially.

Peter Ballard of Broken Hill

"Because of the career progression we've been able to earn, and save a little bit more money than we would have in the city," he continued. "When I lived in Sydney I paid $400 per week for a two bedroom unit that was half an hour from work. In Broken Hill, we're renting a four bedroom house for $370  which is two minutes from work."

With their additional savings, Peter and Jacqueline have been able to put a deposit on a new house. Peter explains: "We've just purchased a newly renovated 3 bedroom house with a huge backyard for just under $300,000.

"If you were to pick up this house and put it down in the Inner West (Sydney), it would fetch upwards of $1.5 million easily. If we were living in Sydney we wouldn't be able to afford the same standard of house we've just purchased," Peter added.

The couple has found it easy to settle into the local community.

"In no time at all we've made oodles of friends and we socialise with stacks of colleagues inside and outside of work," said Peter.

Peter's been able to use his newly found spare time to enjoy activities that were previously unaffordable and impossible to fit into his schedule.

"I've just started learning how to fly, I'm able to get my hours up a lot quicker. The lessons are a lot cheaper and there's no massive bank of air traffic waiting to take off out here in Broken Hill," Peter said.

The additional free time has also meant that Peter's been able to contribute to the local community. He continued: "I now coach boxing two times a week knowing that I'll be able to be on time as my commute from work is significantly shorter than it was in Sydney.

"Out here, you're not just waking up, travelling to work and sleeping – you're actually able to get home on time and have time to do what you want for the afternoon," he added.