A slice of Spain in Temora

Luis and Susy Bethencourt

When Luis and Susy Bethencourt realised their jobs were getting in the way of them spending quality time together, they knew it was time for a career change.

With their newly developed business plan and purchased coffee trailer, the couple started planning their coffee route. Knowing Sydney was too competitive and costly to start a business, they opted to start their business in regional NSW.

"The original idea was to travel around Australia living in a motorhome and working with the coffee trailer," Luis describes. "But we needed a base, a place to call home, and that wasn't going to be Sydney."

Luis and Susy Bethancourt video

Before leaving Sydney, they attended the Country and Regional Living Expo (CaRLE now known as the CountryNSW Expo) where Luis and Susy spoke to representatives from Temora Council, who introduced them to the region and encouraged them to make a weekend visit.

"The following weekend we went to Temora and we loved it – we immediately started thinking about when Luis could give notice to his employer," Susy said.

In Temora they found a welcoming community, supportive local businesses and were ready to try something new.

"The very first day we took the coffee cart out was really good. One of our very first customers was a big grain handler, who was surprised that we were bringing the coffee to them," he adds.

Susy and Luis have even been able to set up a shop front, Cafeteria Amigos, something they don't believe they would have been able to do in Sydney due to the costs involved.

"To set up a business in Sydney compared to Temora is like day and night. In Sydney, everything is costly, from finding the location to advertising your business. All of these costs are very high.

"In Temora, the rents are low and if you tell one person, they'll tell ten people, word of mouth advertising really works – in Sydney you hardly know your neighbour. Here, half of the town already knows us and what we do."

They've found the local council to be supportive of their new business.

"We're lucky, because Temora Council was really helpful, especially with setting up the coffee shop. We'd never put in a development application before, however, the Council supported us with sorting out all of the paperwork," Luis added.

Most of all, the couple is enjoying the ultimate goal of being able to spend more time together.

"In Sydney, if you wanted to go to the corner store, it takes you thirty minutes in traffic. In Temora, you're three minutes away from everything. This means we have more time to spend together, sharing our passions such as gardening and regional life.

"We're able to live a very fulfilling lifestyle in Temora, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to enjoy all the region has to offer," Luis added.