From Titanic director James Cameron’s sub, to Heston Blumenthal’s BBQ, NSW tech design company D+I does it all

From Titanic director James Cameron’s sub, to Heston Blumenthal’s BBQ, NSW tech design company D+I does it all

Balmain-based tech design and engineering consultancy Design + Industry (D+I) is turning heads on the NSW stand at CeBIT Australia with its range of sublime technology products.

D+I’s team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers has earned itself a global reputation by marrying technical skills with great product design, helping companies take their ideas and turn them into commercial reality.

D+I, one of eight companies on the NSW stand at CeBIT, designs new hi-tech devices in the areas of medical, agriculture, industry, and consumer industries, manufacturing about 160 projects each year.

Design + Industry marketing manager Chris McInnes said it is the most awarded product design company in Australia, with over 500 awards.

“Projects have included the cockpit design for Titanic director James Cameron’s submarine which was used to explore the deepest part of the ocean, and a new innovative barbecue design for celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal,” Mr McInnes said.

A recent project designs a revolutionary remote control golf buggy for Newcastle company Concourse Golf which was demonstrated on the NSW stand. Golfers can buy a kit with two motorised wheels in a pack that doubles as a charging station, and the wheels are retrofitted to buggies with a remote control function to follow golfers around the course.

“It means golfers no longer have to push their clubs around a course, they can now enjoy the walk and concentrate on their game,” Concourse Golf CEO David Mackay said. “But this same technology will also have applications in areas like healthcare for motorised chairs or trolleys and in defence.”

Jobs for NSW-supported startup Ping Data of Sydney also gave a presentation this morning on how it aims to rid the world of paper receipts while unlocking value for banks, retailers and consumers.

Its technology allows customers to pay for transactions as they normally would with their card but receipt information is captured through an electronic ‘PingReceipt’ that appears next to the transaction in the customer’s banking app.

“We are creating a value exchange between banks, retailers and consumers. Connecting all participants with new levels of value and insights. Best of all our innovation is free to consumers,” Ping Data’s Head of Operations Steve Cunningham said.

Morning conferences at CeBIT included on the Future of Business, the Cloud, E-Government, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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