Visitor Economy Taskforce

The NSW Government established the first Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan (VEIAP) in 2012. It set the ambitious target to double overnight visitor expenditure to $36.6 billion by 2020.

In 2017 the NSW Government launched a mid-term review of the plan to develop future priorities and identify progress against the VEIAP.

Reviewing the original VEIAP

The review aimed to ensure the ongoing and future success of the tourism industry and was conducted by the Visitor Economy Taskforce (Taskforce). It took a long-term look at the NSW visitor economy, considered opportunities for growth and additional methods to measure success into the future.

The Taskforce did extensive stakeholder engagement and online consultation across NSW with key stakeholders in late 2017. The Taskforce considered this feedback and delivered an independent report to the NSW Government on the visitor economy position to 2020 and beyond.

Download the independent review of the original VEIAP