Startups on Entrepreneur HQ

Meet the 16 innovative startups on Entrepreneur HQ

Hosted by Jobs for NSW, Entrepreneur HQ is the NSW Government’s dynamic startup space at CeBIT Australia. Over the three days of the event, a rotating roster of 16 startups will be pitching their ideas and demonstrating how support from Jobs for NSW has helped grow their business. The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation and the Sydney Startup Hub will also be represented on the stand.

Tuesday 15 May


Elula’s artificial intelligence (AI) product helps revolutionise how businesses operate, strengthen customer relationships and enhance revenue. Our AI Dynamic Pricing and Customer Retention product uses machine learning to predict customer behaviour and identify micro triggers that signal a customer is going to leave, and recommends targeted intervention to grow sales opportunities, offer the best price and prevent customer churn.


Developed by leading head and neck injury management agency, Headsafe, the Concussionometer is a portable headset that uses clinically validated, patented technology to provide a reliable, accurate and objective assessment of concussion. The device measures the brain’s electrical activity and sends the results to a smartphone for analysis in two minutes—taking the uncertainty and controversy out of diagnosis.

Inspace XR

Inspace XR builds augmented and virtual reality (VR) software for the real estate sector. Our signature product, River Fox, allows users to create interactive, photo realistic VR experiences from CAD in just one click. This transforms workflows in architecture, engineering, construction and real estate sales, and will improve the way we design, construct and maintain buildings.

My Medic Watch

My Medic Watch apps help coordinate immediate assistance when someone experiences a fall or seizure. Our smartwatch applications use innovative algorithms that automatically detect a fall or seizure as soon as it occurs, then send a status alert to nominated caregivers with the person’s GPS location. Data can also be shared with other medical professionals, meaning a heightened sense of reassurance and independence.


Oppizi helps growing tech and e-commerce brands hit their aggressive customer acquisition targets by enabling data-driven offline marketing campaigns in major cities around Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. By connecting to a network of screened brand ambassadors, companies can quickly plan and book scalable campaigns. Clients to date include Uber, UberEats and The Iconic

Wednesday 16 May


BenchVote converts sports fans into marketing leads, new revenue and value for sponsors. It’s made for marketers, governing bodies and sponsors in the sporting industry to be used as a marketing funnel to capture fan conversations, generate customer leads and insights, and increase sales—all through the power of fan engagement.


Clay is a parent community that gets and gives help with the kids’ short transfer and childminding needs. As a verified member using the Clay mobile application, parents can grow their personal, school-centred and local support network to get help from people they know and trust with ad hoc childminding, transfers to school and other activities. They also build a long-term support solution with a deep sense of belonging and security for their family.


Dovetail believes the best products and services come from listening to your customers. Our product enables companies to easily organise, analyse and share their customer feedback and user research data, and uncover actionable insights to improve their products and services. Our customers range from enterprises like Atlassian, Deloitte and Westpac, to smaller agencies, startups and government organisations like Engima, HotelsCombined and the CSIRO.


FluroSat is a data analytics platform that combines state-of-the-art drone and satellite imagery with sophisticated algorithms to assess plant health, diagnose crop issues and boost efficiency around inputs and yield. FluroSat gives agronomists and farmers the tools to reduce the cost of inputs (fertiliser, water, chemicals) in row crops and improve the productivity of their agricultural businesses.

Ping Data

PingData is re-imagining the post-purchase experience by automatically linking receipts, offers and merchant loyalty into a customers banking app. Their data exchange network delivers a significant step change in customer experience while enabling banks and merchants to ‘close the loop’ on transactions.

Thursday 17 May


AirBuddy bridges the gap between snorkelling and scuba diving, and provides underwater lovers a lightweight, compact and hassle-free alternative to air tanks. The world’s smallest and lightest diving equipment, AirBuddy runs off a rechargeable, battery-powered air compressor that provides fresh air from the surface for up to 45 minutes at a maximum depth of 12 metres. Highly convenient and easily transportable.

Black Cat Data

Black Cat Data transforms careers and companies for a data-driven world. Our community of certified data and IT professionals are passionate about information technology, big data and AI. We help businesses evolve to be data-driven with innovative solutions and industry partnerships. We help professionals build a data career in this high-growth industry through our scholarship programs and industry network.

Envirodyne Group Pty Ltd

Envirodyne Group is a multi-functional organisation that conducts product development work and provides investigations and engineering solutions to air and water quality issues. Currently we are demonstrating a packaged, solar powered water treatment plant at a farm near  Young in southwest NSW. This demonstration plant shows the use of simple packaged water treatment systems is possible for remote communities; can be achieved without conventional power infrastructure; and can be operated remotely via the web.

Everywhere Venues

Everywhere Venues provides an easy and accessible online directory for people to discover, book and pay for venues on demand. The platform creates new revenue streams and decreases workloads for venue managers, who use the powerful backend to create venue listings, manage bookings, receive payments, receive qualified venue leads and view user statistics. Complementary mobile apps for visitors are also in development.

QA Meet Chef

Large volume catering operations—cruise ships, convention centres, airline caterers—still rely on pen-and-paper methods to prove their level of food safety compliance. This results in poor compliance, high risk and huge labour costs. QAmC is a combination of handheld device, cloud software and Blockchain ledger that streamlines this process, resulting in immaculate records, lowered risk and reduced headcount.

Sana Health Intelligence

Sana uses affordable technologies (from less than one dollar a day) to help our ageing population self-monitor and better manage their health and wellness. Our services help empower older Australians to stay active and healthy for longer, and retain their independence. Remote support access for family and caregivers brings additional peace of mind.