Co-exhibitors on the NSW Government stand

Aervision Technologies of Wahroonga

Software and hardware engineers who develop products merging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer vision and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Products include biometric sensors that can identify people by the veins in their palm, iris scanners, and technology for analysing crowd behaviour.

Assignar Pty Ltd of North Sydney

Produces an enterprise software platform for construction and engineering companies providing complete management of a mobile workforce to reduce delays, cost overruns, and accidents. It supports scheduling, document control, compliance, asset and workforce management, field communication, invoicing, payroll, and reporting.

Checkbox Technology of Sydney

Checkbox has developed a multi-award winning technology platform that uses artificial intelligence and a 'drag and drop' interface for regulatory experts - like lawyers, accountants and analysts - to create online applications in the cloud without having to write technical code, as well as auditing, reporting and analytics features.

Covata of Sydney

A provider of cybersecurity software for the safe and efficient sharing of sensitive data and information across internal and external stakeholders, devices, networks and regions.

Data Republic of Sydney

Sydney based start-up has developed the data sharing 'Senate Platform' allowing organisations to collaborate with other companies on sensitive data and shared analytics projects in the cloud while protecting privacy and data security.

Design+Industry of Balmain

Technology engineering consultancy that provides industrial design for hi-tech devices in medical, agriculture, industry and consumer industries. Designs have included the cockpit layout for Titanic director James Cameron's Deepsea Challenger submersible to explore the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana trench.

Henchman Products of Cardiff

Newcastle company that has developed an electronic tool control system for specialised industries including aviation to comply with safety regulations. The system includes an electronically controlled tool cabinet with a built-in sensor system and interactive display screen, a tracking system for portable tool kits, a barcode scanning system to monitor manual tool movements, and cloud based software to report on every tool movement.

University of NSW's TechConnect Global of Kensington

Incubator program allowing businesses to access UNSW's world-class research, training and facilities to develop new products. One project is Agronomeye which developed a drone to analyse the health of farm crops.