Cemetery Land Use - Contribution to Environmental and Heritage values

The document has been prepared for Cemeteries and Crematoria New South Wales (CCNSW) in order to review the role cemeteries can play in the management and preservation of environmental and heritage values.

Demand for land within metropolitan Sydney is increasing, with the available land for new housing, infrastructure, employment and recreation becoming increasingly contested. This places emphasis on land uses to perform multiple functions and for the values of that land to be effectively managed. The opportunity for cemeteries to contribute to this has been recognised in the ’Sydney Green Grid’ and ‘A Plan for Growing Sydney.’ Maintaining biodiversity, heritage values and cultural landscapes amongst other values, as well as providing for the needs of a global city will be critical.

This report looks at the place cemeteries may have in this framework and explores the current actions cemetery management organisations are performing within this role.

View the Cemetery Land Use - Contribution to Environmental & Heritage values report and Appendix Case Studies.