NSW business environment

Larger than Singapore, Malaysia and even Hong Kong, the NSW economy is a smart, progressive, competitive economic powerhouse on the doorstep of Asia in one of the most stable political and regulatory regions of the world.

The growth state

With world-leading infrastructure, diversity of sectors and skills and government support, NSW has enjoyed a staggering 26 years of uninterrupted growth, giving it a triple-A credit rating from global agencies Standard & Poor's and Moody's.

Financial and insurance sector

The financial and insurance services sector is the largest contributor to the state's economy and increasing numbers of large multinationals are taking advantage of the positive economic environment to relocate their regional headquarters to Sydney.

Manufacturing, mining and agribusiness

Traditional manufacturing, mining and agribusiness sectors have also laid a solid foundation for diversification into high-growth areas such as aquaculture, biotechnology and information and communications technology. In fact, NSW is fast becoming a major regional hub for the ICT sector. It is this mixture of the old and the new which gives the state's economy its vibrancy and progressiveness.

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