Understanding the buying process

NSW Government provides free services to companies planning to purchase goods and services from local suppliers in Sydney and regional NSW. We can help you reduce the time, risk and cost involved in doing business with New South Wales by:

  • Helping you identify and contact local suppliers.
  • Providing insight on our local industry capabilities.
  • Alerting you to the latest products and services out of New South Wales to help you grow your business.
  • Access to up-to-date research.
  • Assistance in preparing a sourcing plan.
  • Assistance with supplier due diligence.
  • Visits to supplier locations across the state.
  • Information on licensing and regulation, quarantine, infrastructure, supply chains and industry associations.

Researching the local market

The department provides information that helps buyers to source products and services from suppliers in Sydney and regional NSW.

We provide market intelligence on the size of the local economy, growth trends, emerging sectors, and facilitate meetings with local suppliers.

Visiting the market

Whether you need to meet regulators, industry partners or members of supply chain networks, NSW Government arranges meetings that make your visit a productive one.

Licensing, taxation, quarantine and regulation

With a long history of facilitating mutually beneficial sourcing arrangements, NSW Government provides timely information on regulations, quarantine and taxes that affect your sourcing needs. 

Should you need to meet a particular authority, we can save you time and effort by making the appropriate introductions.

Sourcing local supply chain networks

NSW Government has a network of offices throughout NSW and funds the Industry Capability Network, an organisation that links companies to the supply chains of major projects.

Engaging with local industry associations

NSW Government has strong connections with local industry associations and makes introductions between investors and relevant industry groups.