Walangari Karntawarra

PO Box 760,
Potts Point 2011
Walangari Karntawarra
0414 932 863

Walangari Karntawarra is an Aboriginal artist, cultural consultant, teacher, performer and musician. The multi talented Walangari Karntawarra is an Arrernte Aboriginal man from Alice Springs who lives and works in Sydney.

He is an international award winning, contemporary “Western Desert” painter, as well as an accomplished musician and performer.

Walangari enthrals audiences with his wonderful stage presence as a didge player and dancer. He is an eloquent and captivating public speaker, has two university degrees and has run his own very popular cross-cultural course.

His life and work have featured in numerous Australian and international publications and television shows.

As a musician, he has performed in many diverse venues from Paris nightclubs to the World Tattoo Convention in Frankfurt. His current band The Black Turtles play large concerts like “Yabun” and the “Dreaming Festival”.

He also dances and plays the didgeridoo with his traditional performance troupe, the enthralling and engaging Diramu Aboriginal Dance and Didgeridoo.

Walangari is also a leading exponent of Sand Painting.

This traditional art form is suitable for all public events and festivals and includes his commentary and audience participation.

Walangari is a much sought after performer and teacher of Aboriginal Art and Culture and is a joy to work with.

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