Tocomwall Pty Ltd

53 Forest Road,
Miranda NSW 2228
Scott Franks
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Tocomwall Pty Ltd is an Aboriginal owned and operated company focused on the full recognition, documentation, protection and management of Aboriginal cultural heritage within “Country”. The company had its genesis some 15 years ago when Wonnarua Native Title Claimant, entrepreneur and businessman, Mr Scott Franks, established Yarrawalk, a business oriented towards providing clear and sound direction to developers working with Aboriginal People. Over the last three years Yarrawalk has been transformed into Tocomwall Pty Ltd to consolidate corporate governance, and to enable the company to diversify its scope with regard to Aboriginal heritage management and protection.

Tocomwall is a specialist Aboriginal cultural heritage consultancy firm that provides archaeological, ecological and cultural heritage services across Australia.

Our specialist cultural heritage services include:

Cultural Heritage Assessments
Cultural Landscape Assessments
Traditional Knowledge Ecological Services
Aboriginal Community Consultation

We also provide general cultural heritage services including:

Expert Witness - NSW Land & Environment Court
Legislation & policy input
Peer review
Cultural Heritage Project Management
Specialist geoarchaeological assessment and advice
Due Diligence assessments
European archaeological assessments.

For further information and to learn about our Cultural Heritage Projects visit our website at:

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