Spirit Dreaming Incorporated

Northern Rivers,,
NSW 2478
Mel Brown
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Located in the Northern Rivers, Spirit Dreaming Incorporated provides health and wellbeing programs for local Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

Spirit Dreaming’s Mission Statement is: “When we heal our spirit, by engaging our inner selves and the wisdom of the land, we can then move to heal the physical body. Once we have healed in spirit and body, we can then move forward to heal our communities.”

Spirit Dreaming specialises in providing art based therapeutic workshops for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Communities, and creates and develops a range of educational healing resources, such a books and DVD’s.

Our aim is to provide an environment which promotes and supports participants to improve their lives and their families through professionally developed therapeutic intervention models.

Spirit Dreaming’s Aboriginal Cultural Education & Safety programs provide information relating to specific cultural practices, creates opportunities to dispel myths and stereotypes, and provides factual information in a respectful and educative manner.

Spirit Dreaming extend the participants learning to include strategic plans for implementing cultural safety policies and practices into their workplace.

Spirit Dreaming also specialise in Mentoring programs. Our mentoring is structured and aims to create a trusting relationship that brings together employees, employers and an independent third person, to offer guidance, support and encouragement.

Spirit Dreaming pride ourselves in the fact that we create and deliver programs which are flexible and tailored to specifically meet the needs of individual communities and organisations.

Spirit Dreaming programs include:

+ Self–Esteem & Wellness Programs
+ Cultural Education
+ Mentoring Services
+ Women’s Ceremonial Workshops
+ Family Restoration Workshops
+ Family Violence Programs
+ Grief and Loss Programs
+ Leadership Programs
+ Elder’s Workshops
+ Parenting Programs

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