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Matt Cooley

Provided aerial drone surveillance for the surf life saving industry. Also aerial photographs for the sporting and film industries.

I'm currently working on a revolutionary system that will decrease beach swimming disasters, monitor beaches for sharks and other hazards and free up patrolling Lifesavers for doing what they do lives.

Before I go into any more detail one the above, I will give you some background of myself.

I'm 28 years old, born and raised in the waters of Sydney's eastern suburbs.

I surf religiously, and technically minded when it comes to today's technological possibilities and how they can improve on today's society.

I am in the process of starting company called SkySight, it's targeted in the surf and sporting industries...for two reasons.

Before I discuss those reasons I will tell you about the product and service.

SkySight (c) is the name of the company to which our service of arial photography and surveillance is delivered.
We use the latest in drone and remote technology to deliver live steaming video from the comfort and convenience of the patrol tower.
This allows a trained patrolman to observe the waters from a control room type setting, gives him/her unmatched views of on-water action, no waves obstructing the view and with only one person needed to control and view the unit this frees up other patrolman for timely deployment when and where they are needed.
The unit will also have an onboard siren feature to alarm surrounding public to a hazard like a shark or flash rip. (Voice transmitting loudspeaker onboard will be a future option.
The GPS function allows the radio pilot to set waypoints or points if interest, this allows the craft to travel to a designated waypoint, stop and allow the pilot to rotate the craft 360 degrees while it hovers perfectly level allowing the patrolman to observe everything in clear HD picture from a monitor in the patrol tower.
If anything of interest pops up, he can note that destination and have a patrolman inspect or take action based on that observation.

A few of the features available in this system are;

Live wireless video streaming
3km receivable distances
Auto return feature on loss of signal or low battery (this is a great feature to save the unit)
30min run time (approx)
GPS function interactive with a google Earth
Onboard HD camera (gopro or Dslr upgrades)
8 propelled motors for stable heavy lift flight
Carbon fibre and allow frames for lightweight durability

This system will revolutionise the surf life saving industry and for the better.
It will save costs by limiting vehicle use to only when it's needed ie jetskis, quads and motorboats).
But most of it will save...Lives.
I'm sure with the new laws to pass for the culling of sharks around the country, this unit could have prevented that.

The SkySight crafts aren't limited to the use of lifesavers, it's bringing all new light to aerial photography.
Extreme sports such as surfing, mountaineer biking and skateboarding.

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