Scott Rotumah

22 Queen Street,
Fingal Head 2487
Scott Rotumah
0424 733 354

Authentic coastal Aboriginal art from the Bundjalung nation in the Tweed region.

Representations in the art of Scott Rotumah relate to his ancestry which belongs to the Bundjalung nation in the Tweed region. Within Indigenous culture this landscape is known as the “place of butterflies”. Scott’s “mob’ hail from the Booningbah tribe within the Bundjalung nation and the location is known as “the place of the Echidna”.

Scott was born in Kempsey in 1970, where his father was posted to play professional Rugby League. However, the family moved back to their traditional family land (Fingal Heads) shortly after Scott’s birth.

With a history by the beach, Scott gained recognition as an Indigenous surf champion in 1996 and 1998, paving the way for recognition for Indigenous surfers. At this time, Scott also began practicing as an Indigenous artist.

His coastal heritage is reflected in his art by painting ‘everything’ in the scope of the Bundjalung Nation, which includes Australian animals such as kangaroo, echidnas, goannas and koalas along with coastal animals such as platypus, whales, dolphins, turtles, crabs and dugongs, and of course the sea and mountain landscape.

Traditionally, Indigenous costal art is more vibrant than what is generally expected of Indigenous art. The use of oysters and sea shells gives access to colours such as blues, pinks, purples and greens which are used with the traditional black, red, brown and orange pigments.

As an Indigenous coastal artist, Scott’s art is able to offer more variety with motifs and scale, while incorporating his ancestral stories which have been passed down from generation to generation. With an emphasis on composition and design, Scott translates his world onto prints, boomerangs and paintings.

Along with his two brothers, who are also Indigenous artists, Scott considers himself a vibrant contemporary artist, who is still based in the tradition of dot painting. He now relishes passing these wonderful skills onto his children, who amaze and inspire him everyday.

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