Pennywest Australia

22 Oberon Crescent,
South Penrith 2750
Clint Hill
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Based in Penrith, Pennywest design and manufacture personal and competitive training equipment, in particular, the state of art “Abzilla” abdominal machine.

With backgrounds in bodybuilding, power lifting, boxing, kickboxing, cage fighting, grappling and rugby league, the staff at Pennywest have designed a state of the art abdominal machine called Abzilla.

The Abzilla was developed to complement a range of sporting codes including bodybuilding, power lifting, sprint training, boxing, kick-boxing, rugby league and general cross training.

The aim of the design is to provide a specialist machine for specialist results. Successfully, the Abzilla uses 17 different muscle groups in comparison with most abdominal training aids which only use 2-5 muscle sets.

The list of contributors during the development stage of the Abzilla was impressive and included high ranking athletes such as Glen (the Bustler), Baragry a former kick-boxing world champion, Elite Gyms Tehuna Bro's, James the Volcano Vainikolo MMA, Peter Wallace (Brisbane Broncos), Phil Raymond from Phil's Bodybuilding and Jim Abdini a veteran bodybuilder with a B.A. Science, Dip.Remedial/Sports Massage and experience as a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Designed for maximum results in minimum time, the Abzilla caters to professional men and women leading busy modern lifestyles. “If you want the best, then buy Pennywest!”

Pennywest also stocks a range of clothing perfect for wearing during working out sessions.

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