North Coast Community Solutions

29 Bent Street,
Grafton 2460
Max Jarvis
0402 141 757

North Coast Community Solutions is committed to assisting Indigenous individuals, families and communities to drive and lead their own solutions. We provide direction and mentoring in a supportive environment. We deliver services in a culturally responsible and appropriate manner. We make a real contribution to the capacity and wellbeing of local communities. And we pride ourselves on being more than a service provider!

Through our activities, North Coast Community Solutions aims to:

• Provide the infrastructure in which the co-ordinated care needs of the target group can be met
• Maximise the effectiveness of government funded financial support for community based organisations
• Provide individuals and families who have an interest in issues relevant to community development with administrative structures which facilitate participation in the decision making process
• Maximising services to clients by minimising duplication and supporting the existing networks and infrastructure currently operating
• Assist research and assessment of needs, relating to community development and welfare of residents in the North Coast region
• Disseminate information and advice to members of the community
• Co-operate, liaise with and assist in the development of communication and referrals among community based organisations
• Support and foster organisations and groups by providing expertise and resources helpful to community development
• Encourage community participation in the planning, development and management of services available in the North Coast region
• Work closely with all levels of government on any area of local community development.

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