Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council

53 Conway St,
Lismore 2481
Mikael Smith
02 6621 5541
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Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), holds and manages land, houses and business enterprises in the Ngulingah Local Aboriginal area, and develops local projects and work opportunities

The Council's mission is to protect the interests and further the aspirations of its members and the broader Aboriginal community, and to promote the protection of Aboriginal culture and the heritage of Aboriginal persons in its area.

Located on the North Coast of NSW, Ngulingah LALC is committed to ensuring a better future for Aboriginal people by working for the return of culturally significant and economically viable land, pursuing cultural, social and economic independence for its people and being politically pro-active in voicing the position of Aboriginal people on issues that affect them.

Our core functions include:
1. To acquire and manage land
2. Preserve and protect Aboriginal Cultural Heritage sites
3. Provide social housing
4. Develop and foster employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal community members
5. Promote and develop/ implement on ground biodiversity programs/projects.

Ngulingah LALC is a community housing provider with 23 houses tenanted to Aboriginal families. As landlord for various business and housing properties in the Council area, our Housing Policy Guide helps us maintain transparency, honesty and accountability in our decision making process concerning housing and management.

Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land council also provides our members with useful information and help with various topics such as:
1- Paying for funerals
2- How super will help you and your family
3- Key tips for managing your money

Ngulingah LALC is a member of NSW Aboriginal Land Council and was incorporated in April 1984 under the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (ALRA). Currently Ngulingah LALC has around 290 members who are represented by a Board of 10 elected representatives.

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