Natures Touch Professional Cleaning Pty Ltd

Beckett Street,
Maitland 2320
Sharon Hadden
0438 380 709

Natures Touch Professional Cleaning is an award winning commercial cleaning business that is family owned and operated. Natures Touch don’t believe in compromising on cleaning performance or quality and only use plant based non-toxic, natural cleaning products. Our service and the products we use ensure that you, your employees and clients are provided with the care and protection that you deserve in your work place without harming the environment.

Some of the current clients that are benefiting from our services are

Child Care Centres
Medical Centres
Operating Theatres
Professional Offices

What are the benefits of choosing Natures Touch?

We will clean your premises using non-toxic, natural cleaning products, so there are no nasty residues left which can irritate your skin, eyes, lungs and cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

We will supply you with a detailed quote, customised to your requirements.

Your premises will be cleaned by the same experienced, reliable cleaners that are given the time to complete their work by management.

All employees have been inducted through our OH&S policies and procedures, which have been developed according to Work Cover legislation.

Management will conduct Quality Control checks to ensure you receive only the best service.

Staff use equipment and products that have been colour coded to ensure that there is no risk of cross contamination. You will receive fresh clean mops and cloths which are also colour coded for your premises. We do not believe in the commonly used practise of one mop for all jobs.

You will receive the services of a business that is fully insured.

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