Nationwide Netmakers Pty Ltd

1 Sandpiper Close,
Kooragang 2304
Chris Hyde
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Custom made nets for sport, industrial, environmental, fishing, safety and rural purposes.

Nationwide Netmakers provide a vast range of net and rope made products for all industries. Most products are custom made for the clients' needs.

The list below provides a few examples of the range of nets we make.

Sport Nets – Goal type nets, tennis nets, indoor sport centres, rope scramble/climbing nets, golf and range barrier walls.

Industrial – Bird netting of warehouses, truck awnings and work shops. Custom made nets for packaging, retaining and OH&S applications.

Environmental – Fauna crossing, toxic pond cover nets, litter walls, and boom nets.

Fishing Nets – Prawn and Fish Trawl nets, Seine nets, and Gill nets.

Safety Nets – Fall arrest nets, debris catch nets, barrier walls, flight deck nets, conveyor catch nets, pond exit climbing nets, and predator safe swimming enclosures.

Rural – Bird netting, and crop covers.

If you are thinking of nets, come and see us at Nationwide Netmakers.

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