Mia Brennan

51 Dibbs Street,
Lismore 2480
Mia Brennan
0401 625 116

Funky, award winning fashion label, Mimi Designs, draws its influence from designer Mia Brennan's Indigenous culture and from the beauty that surrounds the local area of Byron Bay. From signature jumpsuits to sassy bodices, from tribal wrap dresses to timeless camisoles, you feel an earthy elegance when wearing a Mimi Design.

Mimi Designs came into existence after designer Mia Brennan used to be stopped in the street by people wanting to buy the clothes she was wearing! Created out of recycled and vintage fabrics, Mia's style was unique. From little things, big things grow and since then Mimi Designs has gone on to win the prestigious Byron Bay 2009 Voyeur Designer of the Year Award.

Mimi Designs captures the natural essence of the North Coast and is inspired by Mia’s Indigenous culture and the beauty that surrounds the local area of Byron Bay. Mia takes pride in the fact that each piece is handcrafted in her local community.

Mimi Designs awakens and evokes the goddess within.

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