Kula N'Gadu

11 Carlton St,
Willow Vale 2575
Wendy Lotter
0422 631 243

Kula N'Gadu is a community based Indigenous organisation providing cultural experiences, art classes, tours and cultural events at Willow Vale in the NSW Southern Highlands.

Wendy Lotter, Trish Levett, Simone Lotter (nee Bunt) and Jordana Lotter, the women of Kula N'Gadu, demonstrate their traditionally imbued, creative and technical skills within a commercial, cultural and educational context, to visitors and various interest groups that visit the Southern Highlands.

Kula N'Gadu was established in February 2009 in response to increasing demand for authentic, contemporary, Indigenous designed art objects and paintings.

Kula N'Gadu means to be “proud of who we are and proud of where we come from”. The traditional totem for the Indigenous group’s location in the Southern Highlands is the 'Red Belly Black Snake'.

Interestingly, the women of Kula N'Gadu specialise in embroidering contemporary Indigenous designs on car seat covers and towels. Unique designs created on canvas by the artists of Kula N'Gadu have been carefully transferred to and embroidered on quality car seat covers, towels and washers. The Indigenous motifs are unique to the location and produced solely by the Indigenous group located at this site.

Traditional dot paintings representing the local fauna and landscape are also for sale and commissions have been requested.

A range of skills available at Kula N'Gadu have been enthusiastically promoted within the Southern Highlands and have gained momentum with further promotion throughout NSW and beyond.

Activities offered at Kula N'Gadu include:

• Art classes
• School cultural events
• Cultural tours
• Art and craft work for sale
• Retail massage therapy oils and creams.

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