Gummipingal Aboriginal Cultural Corporation

31 Ada Street,
Waratah (Near Newcastle) 2287
Shawn Stowe
0439 408 179

Gummipingal is an Aboriginal cultural and resource centre located in the Hunter region NSW, which engages with local Indigenous Australians about their ancestral traditions and cultural inheritance.

The Gummipingal Aboriginal Cultural Corporation focuses on transferring the values, beliefs and traditions of the local tribe to younger generations in its community. Indigenous staff at the Gummipingal Centre engage with the local community through:

• Teaching and maintaining respect for men’s and women’s business
• Reintroducing male and female roles and respecting their place in the community and home
• Self awareness and behavioural responsibilities
• Land care awareness, maintenance and responsibilities
• Leadership and mentoring
• Traditional craftsmanship through making boomerangs, spears and traditional tools
• Hunting and gathering techniques, specifically, how to hunt and where to catch food
• Botany and plant knowledge
• Oral history and story telling
• Fire control and maintenance
• Camping and traditional tool gathering

For additional information please contact Shawn on 0439 408 179, John on 0432 501 670 or Joley on 0432 170 114.

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