Bizdigenous Consulting

17/33 Wells Street,
Redfern 2016
Dean Jarrett
0428 240 800

Bizdigenous Consulting provides consulting Products and Services in; Organisational Planning; Education and Training; and Social Research across all organisational sectors.

There are three products and services that Bizdigenous Consulting can provide.

1. Organisational Planning
We will work with you to design and develop future directions for your organisation and/or community. Furthermore, the organisational systems and process evaluations will ensure quality improvement of your service within your sector.

2. Education and Training
Bizdigenous Consulting can provide learning and guidance for your administration and governance in relation to cultural competence and safety; strategic planning; resource mobilisation and; volunteerism. We can assist in building the capacity of your people and community.

3. Social Research
Our service can explore and examine issues that are a priority to you. Qualitative and/or quantitative research methods are central to the provision of this product. If your organisation or community, needs to identify training needs; survey health priorities; investigate employment opportunities or; develop partnerships across sectors, we can assist.

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