Biz Sisters

2635 Bells Line of Road,
Bilpin 2758
Barbara O'Neill

Biz Sisters is a start-up business support program for people wishing to explore or establish a business concept.

The Biz Sisters program is a series of 10 four hour workshops that are held weekly.

The workshops explore the feasability of the new business concept. They also assist in the development of a business plan, using a unique and creative process.

Participants are encouraged to consider access to the Australian economy through culturally appropriate methods. The psychological, emotional and practical aspects of running a business are addressed.

The program addresses manufacturing, production, marketing, basic legal and taxation issues.

Participants obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN) as part of the workshop activities.

At the conclusion of the program, participants graduate in a corporate boardroom setting, where they will pitch their product to a carefully selected group of guests.

Following the ten week program, funding is sourced to continue professional workshops to support the participants as they grow and develop their business.

The participants are then supported through a mentoring program for the next 18 months, relying on additional corporate and government partnerships and networks.

The program relies on Government and NGO funding at no cost to the participants, excepting statutory costs that they may wish or need to undertake.

Participants are made aware of micro loans that are available and are also supported through this process if they wish to finance their business through this channel.

The Biz Sisters program screens participants' suitability for business, referrals to micro loans.

A similar program for Men is being developed.

Barbara O'Neill, creator of the program also delivers the workshops and project manages the follow up mentoring and support.

The program is delivered in partnership with, government, NGO and community organisations or interested Aboriginal organisations, underpinned from government funding.

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