Improving the taste, texture and quality of NSW fruit & vegies

9 December 2014

Fresh organic vegetables

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has appointed two new research horticulturists to maximise the quality and safety of NSW fruit and vegetables available to consumers.

Developing better practices

The two new horticulture researchers, Dr Sukhvinder Pal Singh and Dr Roberto Marques, will evaluate new varieties of fruit and develop better on-farm practices and ripening and storage techniques to improve safety and consumer enjoyment of food.

Working with industry

The horticulturists will work closely with the State's horticultural industries to help ensure their profitability and sustainability, and the delivery of fresh, nutritious and safe produce to consumers.

DPI postharvest team

The two new researchers will broaden the scope of the DPI postharvest research team based at the Central Coast Primary Industries Centre, Ourimbah near Gosford.

The DPI postharvest team works with farmers, market agents and retailers to identify production and postharvest practices that optimise product quality at all stages of the supply chain including harvest, packaging, transport storage and retail display.

Across DPI there are more than 80 staff specifically dedicated to research and development in horticulture.

For more information about research and development in horticulture, visit the DPI website.

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