Hunter-region food producer Tar10 goes global

14 July 2014

 Melanie & Harvey Boots - Tar 10

Hunter-region-based food producer Tar10 has taken its gourmet produce from the small village of Gresford to retail outlets across the world – in the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific – with support from NSW Trade & Investment.

Tar10 Chief Executive Officer Harvey Boots said "going global" was always part of the business plan for Tar10, which he and his wife Melanie established in 2007.

Small beginnings

"We started out very small, making and selling our gluten and preservative free relishes, jams and marmalades locally and going to farmers ' and foodies' markets.

"It took a couple of years to get established in the Australian market and then we started looking at exporting, with support from NSW Trade & Investment.

Growth through exporting to the Middle East and Asia

Tar 10 Apple & Mint Jelly "The Department has helped with introductions to suitable overseas buyers, participation in trade shows, such as Fine Food Australia, and advice about different markets – without the Department's help we probably wouldn't  have achieved the export growth that we've experienced.

"Our first export customer was in Dubai and we're still exporting there, and now also to Singapore, Fiji, the Philippines and New Zealand.

"We've just recently had a very strong lead from Kuwait and we've also done some market research in the United Kingdom.

"Through our strict quality control and strategic business planning, we've built a loyal customer base in Australia and now it's expanding around the world.

Help to start or grow an export business from New South Wales

"More NSW businesses interested in getting into exporting or expanding their export activities have the opportunity to learn about international business through NSW Trade & Investment's Export Capability Building Program.

Tar 10 Sticky Fig & CheeseThe program is aimed at businesses seeking to initiate export activities or export-ready businesses looking to consolidate their knowledge and maximise long-term export gains; and encompasses 40+ workshops and sessions across Sydney and regional NSW.

The core of the program is a series 'Growing Your Exports' workshops which give participants the tools they needed to shift from thinking about exporting to becoming export-ready.

The workshop covers four essential topics – export planning, resourcing for export, export marketing and visiting a target market.

The program also includes a number of informative webinars and a series of focus groups available to small-to-medium sized businesses.

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