Artist grand ideas empowered to thrive

Warwick Behrens

WarBehr is an art store, a framing business and the painting name of artist Warwick Behrens. The business has a life in the community, and if Warwick hadn’t asked for help, it mightn’t have reached its full potential.

‘I’m a much better self-employed person with an entrepreneurial spirit than a business person,’ said artist Warwick.

‘I needed help with all elements of business, which led me into the Business Connect local advisor in Mudgee.’

Before engaging Business Connect, WarBehr was facing some business issues that it needed to overcome. Warwick needed to deal with a sub-tenancy agreement issue, decide whether to enter a partnership, and get advice on hiring a casual employee.

‘Advancing on what I already had and really kicking off a business, my advisor Philip looked at everything I had, both positive and negative to find where my strengths were. We also worked out what would benefit the community and he opened my eyes to new opportunities,’ Warwick said.

‘All up, his advice was really beneficial for the business and me personally. I have a lot of respect for him, and I’m always referring him to others for his core business knowledge.’

Philip enjoys helping the people like Warwick who run small businesses because they are so keen to learn. ‘Like most other business owners, Warwick was able to make clear and relevant decisions after our meetings,’ said Philip.

‘It was a pleasure working with him, and his business is a very exciting opportunity for a lot of people.’

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